Monday, July 30


Here's a quick five minute recap of what's been happening in the world of me and Handsome Dude recently. I have presented it in the form of a list, because, if you didn't know, I love lists. Duh.

The Eventful Events of June & July as According to Handsome Dude & Myself

1. Handsome Dude is exactly a year and a half old. Yes. A year and a half. That is how I always answer when somebody asks me how old my offspring is. I am not one of those moms, who reply "oh he's 21 months and 19 days!" as they twirl around their organic cotton diaper bag, full of organic cotton diaper and wipes they knit themselves, and home-baked cauliflower chips they grew in their backyard.

2. Whatever, moms who grow their own baby food.

What. The. Heck. Ever.


4. Item number 3 should probably be item number 1, if we were to rank this list by importance. America! Do you know how exciting it is to be able to conversate with ANYONE? ANYWHERE?


Or understanding your surroundings completely, to know exactly what's going on or what that person is saying to you or what to do in any given situation? To get around with the ease and comfort that can only come from having spent one's life growing up in the same culture?

There are so very many other things I love about my country, such as an abundance of playmates for Handsome Dude, and the abundance of my own friends, and the abundance of friendliness & social etiquette that is America's trademark, but I will admit I have felt a bit homesick for Poland at times.

Is that weird?

Europe has so much character about it, a much more dream-like quality to it... They aren't lying when they say, however cliche it may be, that Europe is romantic, because it is.

5. I am officially OLD now. But I don't wanna talk about it.

6. Although getting braces has pretty much negated the aforementioned fact. I look like I'm 15 whenever I open my mouth.

7. Handsome Dude speaks! He can say everybody's names, as well as a plethora of other words including "please" when asking for an item and "thank you" when receiving it.

And I am just thrilled about that.

I told you, I'm getting old.

8. Speaking of item number 7, one of the words Handsome Dude says is "Dad." And he says it to none other than my very own dad.

It is kind of awkward and we correct him right away. But when you live with your five siblings who all call your dad, "Dad," it is confusing for a babe, no?

And it has caused my dearest brother-in-law to give a friendly reminder on my imminent need to find him a dad. And that is, of course, always appreciated.

9. I went all Sacajawea on Handsome Dude, hiking mountains and stuff.

We are both pretty happy about it, lest our expressions have fooled you.

And no, I did not just now remember how to include pictures in blog posts, but thanks for asking.

10. I, Darling, mother of Handsome Dude, chased a full-grown moose, staying true to my inner Sacajawea and the full-grown adult self I really am.

My mother was nearly beside herself (something about danger and stuff). But say nothing about my photography skills and just know that this photo was snapped while simultaneously running full speed after my furry little friend. 

I was just going to pet him. 

But he got away :(

11. Handsome Dude got to SWIM in the OCEAN.

Swim. Ocean. Same sentence. This is unheard of, people. We come from the great pacific northwest. And we now live in Poland. So let me say it again:

Swim. Ocean. Same sentence.

 In the beautiful, beautiful land of Florida, the ocean is warm enough to swim in.... this kind of thing makes me wonder why I do not stay here forever?

Because I do not know why anyone would ever leave this place.

I am STILL all kinds of excited about it. As is he. Which makes me more excited. My life. Exciting.

Happy Monday!