Monday, July 23


Okay. Hello? Hello? Do you remember me? I used to blog here.

This post here was supposed to happen a long time ago, but, didn't.

I am aware that it is possible that I'm super bad at blogging.

 But without further ado, here's a quick recap on what has happened in the past 30 days:

First, Germany happened!

I would, in a heartbeat, move here.

Look at this. Look at this. Would you just look at this? You know, when I see a place like this, first thing I do is I say would you just look at this?

It was so picturesque.

 You're about to get a picture overload so feel free to scroll on through it, as you may not be as interested in seeing it as I am in sharing it - Germany has captured my heart.

This is a restaurant! Inside each of these barrels is a table with two benches on either side. Way too much awesomeness for someone even such as myself to handle.

 And German boys:


Happy Monday!