Wednesday, March 21

Driving in Poland

I wonder sometimes if perhaps my offspring's first word might be "tak" (yes) or "pa pa" (bye) or some other Polish word.

There's your first Polish lesson, by the way, you're welcome.

He says things like "mama" on occasion and all but I don't really count that.

I feel pretty lucky that we are here in Poland, though. So far Handsome Dude has been to Amsterdam, Finland, Slovakia, and of course, Poland. He is like, one year old, people, and he's already been to half as many countries as I. And of course, Handsome Dude, whom is all that is intellectual baby genius, can definitely appreciate that.

Did I say genius?

Yes, yes I did. I am certain there is a lot of good brain activity going on here.

Anyways, so as we do a lot of driving around here, I wanted to enlighten you all on what it's like to drive in Poland versus the US of A. There are a couple steps you will take when driving in Poland. They are as follows:

1. In 200 feet, turn left onto "Alskdjalwksjadiego" street (even the GPS has a hard time pronouncing Polish).

2. In 500 feet, watch your life flash before your eyes.

3. Repeat step #2 several times.

4. You have arrived at your destination.

These steps are unavoidable. Have fun.

Happy Wednesday!