Tuesday, February 28

Handsome Dude Is Not Impressed

We had another adventure, my friends. Because we are adventurous folk.

So we probably drove like seventy-three hundred miles to Slovakia to go on a snowboarding trip.

Why Slovakia, you ask?

Why NOT?

One of the pros about taking trips out through country highways in Poland is the scenery.

Like this:

And this:

So about halfway through the drive we finally crossed the border into Slovakia!

And I have no clue what these signs mean.

Although I'd bet you might be able to buy some alcohol from the shop with the yellow advertisement. A genius idea, really, what being in the middle of nowhere. Does Europe even have a drinking and driving policy? Drinking and hooker policy, maybe? 

But as I was saying, we reached Slovakia. 

My dad was especially excited. Although Handsome Dude does not appear to be particularly impressed.

And the food wasn't his favorite, either.

Oh the glamour that is my life.

And Handsome Dude's reaction when we arrived at the mountain?

Tough crowd, tough crowd.

It was a fun time all around. I need one of those white 'I <3 NY' t-shirts, but instead of NY have it say Slovakia. I'm a fan.

And so thus concluded our week!

Happy Tuesday! :)