Tuesday, February 28

Handsome Dude Is Not Impressed

We had another adventure, my friends. Because we are adventurous folk.

So we probably drove like seventy-three hundred miles to Slovakia to go on a snowboarding trip.

Why Slovakia, you ask?

Why NOT?

One of the pros about taking trips out through country highways in Poland is the scenery.

Like this:

And this:

So about halfway through the drive we finally crossed the border into Slovakia!

And I have no clue what these signs mean.

Although I'd bet you might be able to buy some alcohol from the shop with the yellow advertisement. A genius idea, really, what being in the middle of nowhere. Does Europe even have a drinking and driving policy? Drinking and hooker policy, maybe? 

But as I was saying, we reached Slovakia. 

My dad was especially excited. Although Handsome Dude does not appear to be particularly impressed.

And the food wasn't his favorite, either.

Oh the glamour that is my life.

And Handsome Dude's reaction when we arrived at the mountain?

Tough crowd, tough crowd.

It was a fun time all around. I need one of those white 'I <3 NY' t-shirts, but instead of NY have it say Slovakia. I'm a fan.

And so thus concluded our week!

Happy Tuesday! :)

Saturday, February 18

Snow Adventure

This is what our house looked like this morning!

Contrary to the popular belief, waking up to snow is STILL exciting, even when you live in Poland.

Naturally, Handsome Dude and I together decided we had no choice but to go on an adventure.

I do not use the term "together" loosely, rest assured! He is actually uber excited about this idea, lest his expression has fooled you. Jk. He is still a little grumpy about his bath earlier this morning, which was most unwelcome and was also most pointless, as you can see if you look closely upon Handsome Dude's face which I have generously enlarged for your viewing pleasure.

And yes, I am well aware of my superior picture-taking skills and yes, that interesting shadow is caused by my finger covering half of the flash, thank you for asking.

Cleaned his face and changed his shirt (because that is 80% of what I do every day).

Handsome Dude plotting some evil sort of retaliation from that bath.

Add eyebrows and you see what I mean? Is that not the most plotting face and rubbing of the hands ever?

Food for thought, people. It starts early. 

Anyways. So we set off.

Beginning the trek from the foyer to the back door, during which Handsome Dude becomes quite exhausted with my paparazzi-esque picture taking.

"Enough. Please."

We make it to the backdoor and Handsome Dude still thinks this is an excellent idea.

But as we poke our head out the door into the cold air, we perhaps begin to doubt this decision? Is that a look of doubt crossing my dearest child's face? 

Nope. Still a good idea.

So we finally made it through the door and ventured out into the snow.

At this point we were a little worried and confused, as we have spent most our time outside here in Poland trying as fast as humanly possible to get inside and away from the cold, especially having been Arizonians before the move. 

"Sooo... Now what?"

More looking around happened than actual touching or playing.

But then Mama put down the camera, and we went and played in the snow. 

Because everything is just that much more exciting when Mama joins in.

And that is a factual statement, dear future fifteen-year-old Handsome Dude.

When our frolicking came to an end and we were back inside, Handsome Dude turned to me with a knowing smile and said, "Mom, why are you so awesome?" 

Jk. But look at that face. He was totally thinking it. Look at those eyes. Obviously he thinks I'm the bees knees.

Anyways, it would only be unusual, of course, if such an exciting event didn't lead to a nice long nap. 

And nothing unusual, of course, about his preferred method of nap-taking. We love our auntie H.

Happy Friday!