Tuesday, December 27

Climbing and Other Things

Because Handsome Dude is a one year old now, he can do a multitude of new things. I present this post in list form because, well, I like lists.

1. He can climb things.

In fact he would like to climb all the things.

2. But, he cannot actually get all the way up without help.

3. He will cry and wiggle most unhappily as he is suspended halfway up furniture/anything/everything until help arrives.

4. Help in the form of people such as myself.

5. Who must then lift him up onto the couch, NOT back to the safety of the floor.

6. Or else more most unhappy wiggles and crying.

7. By the way. he has a new tooth. His seventh, to be exact. This is important because I need to share the pain of teething with you. Because I think I will go insane soon.

8. He can climb OFF of furniture/anything/everything all by himself, sometimes ceremoniously. Sometimes not.

9. He can walk anywhere (with only a bit of assistance).

10. Once you have began assisting him, you may not stop assisting him.

11. See #6.

12. He can run anywhere. And no, not without assistance.

13. He can feed himself!!!!!!!! This is especially exciting. I cannot wait for the day when he can also spoon-feed himself.

14. Or change his own diapers... that will be nice.

15. He talks and bla-blas for HOURS. It's super funny if you put him in front of a computer with the 'talk-to-text' feature thing on and it translates his gibberish. Yes I said super funny. I told you my life was exciting.

Monday, December 26

Baby Genius

Tanner's very first Christmas was celebrated today! And oh, did he enjoy it... Because he is a one year old baby extraordinaire. Who understands what is going on when a prettily wrapped thing is placed in front of him. And he understands that under all this wrapping is a uber fun toy. And once unwrapped he also understands what to do with this toy. Asides staring at it or trying to eat it.


His seventh tooth has finally made it's appearance, so I cannot blame him for attempting to eat his toys instead of play with them. When teething, Handsome Dude is all that is drool and crankiness. So I don't mind when he bites and slobbers and otherwise soothes himself all over his new toys. That were not expensive at all. That I did not spend multiple hours at Toys-R-Us picking out.

I will know better next time.

Which reminds me... Earlier this week Handsome Dude and my little seven-year-old brother were playing together, and my little brother looks up at me and says, "You know what? I think I should just be Handsome Dude's step-dad! He LOVES me!" 

Which was kind of funny, but, weird.

And when he promoted himself a couple minutes later from step-dad to dad, and thus continued referring to himself as 'dad' for the rest of the night, it was also, in fact, kind of funny, but, weird.

But the "COME to PAPA!" calls have continued for a few days now and so I must put a stop to it.

For it is weird.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 4

As The Pendulum Swings

Handsome Dude turns one year old on Saturday. One year old! What in the world is happening?! My baby is growing up say whaaat? It's been an entire YEAR? It feels like its passed by so fast. Immeasurably fast. Yet it dragged by so slowly at the same time.. a year is an incredibly long period of time, but slowly and ever so surely, it passes on by.

Around this time last year my life was so different. Around this time two years ago, I could never dream or even attempt to comprehend what I would go through in the coming years. In fact, I clearly remember two years ago, around Thanksgiving, wondering what it would be like to be pregnant. I thought about what it'd be like to have a baby, to have someone else to want to live for, to die for, to be my everything...

I was seventeen.

One year later, I had a baby.

I was eighteen.

And now I have an almost-one year old little handsome dude, who is currently laying on his back beside me in bed talking and blabbering to... himself? the ceiling? me? I cannot be certain. But I think it's me. :)

And yes, it is way past his bed time. And yes, he still sleeps with me. What of it?

He is currently "ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhh, a blu dle blug gib be da"-ing me and I am enjoying every minute.

I am nineteen. I have the sweetest little boy who is the light of my life and brings me laughter EVERY single day. Although I won't lie, it's not easy, and I wouldn't wish teen parenthood on my worst enemy...

But I couldn't ask for more.